Yellow Hair
Yellow Hair documents the injustices done to the Sioux Nation from their
first treaty with the United States in 1805 through Wounded Knee in 1890.
Every death, murder, battle, and outrage written about actually took place.
The historical figures that play a role in this fact-based tale of fiction were
real people and the author uses their real names. Yellow Hair is an epic
tale of adventure, family, love, and hate that spans most of the 19th
century. This is American history.
Through no fault of his own, a young man is thrust into a new culture just
at the time that culture is undergoing massive changes. It is losing its
identity, its lands, and its dignity. He not only adapts, he perseveres and,
over time, becomes a leader—and on occasion, the hand of vengeance
against those who would destroy his adopted people.
Another fantastic gem from Andrew Joyce and I highly recommend it,
especially if you love historical fiction! Not since reading Jane M. Auel
have I been so connected to a historical fiction character as I did with
Yellow Hair. He's the vehicle Joyce uses to show the reader the real
American history and I got to experience everything Yellow Hair witnessed.
--- All Things Books   ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This is a well-researched, documented, and vividly depicted story by
author Andrew Joyce that everyone needs to read to understand that what
these people went through in the 19th century is still happening right now.
--- MJ Magazine   ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
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Awarded Book of the Year by Just Reviews.
Awarded Best Historical Fiction of 2016 by Colleen's Book Reviews